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Friday 4 July 2003 Website update
The website Screenshot, Help and About sections have been updated to concur with the release of Beta 0.2.
This will probably be updated again soon with more depth.

Friday 4 July 2003 Release 0.2b
WebWalker now uses plugins to replace the functions present in previous versions. The plugins included are for the HTTP protocol. Others may be released or can be written by using the template.c file in the source download.
Additionally WebWalker now uses non-blocking sockets and has an improved interface. The MDI GUI has been scrapped in favour of tabs.
The Live! help and this webpage will be updated soon to provide support with this new release.

Sunday 22 December 2002 Search facility updated
A bug has been fixed whereby the search utility on the site matched words in tags of the XHTML and before the < BODY > tag. Now only body text is searched.
Also the search facility has had a [Highlight] button added, so that the pages mathing a search can be viewed with the matching words highlighted.
Furthermore matching pages are listed in order of percentage of matches in the page.

Saturday 21 December 2002 Release 0.11b
This version is being released having fixed some big errors, and to allow any more bugs to be found.
Please submit bugs either to the Bugs section in SourceForge or email using the contact details given on the webpage and within webWalker.

Friday 20 December 2002 Redesign for release 0.2b
It has been decided that WebWalker is to be redesigned to remove all hard coded functions. The current functions are to be re-written as plugins, and thus allowing new ones to be written in the future. This gives WebWalker the potential to Leech, Crack and Test any source or target. By this I mean HTTP, FTP etc...
While WebWalker undergoes this extreme change, the Help and About sections will have to remain unfinished until the new release is ready and appropriate text can be written.
In the meantime, release 0.1b still needs to be further tested. An updated version should be released very soon (0.11b). This will have closed all the holes currently discovered.

Tuesday 17 December 2002 Website update - XHTML compliance
The webpage has been updated to comply with XHTML 1.1

Monday 16 December 2002 Website update - XHTML compliance
The webpage has been updated to comply with XHTML 1.0 Strict.

Monday 9 December 2002 Search facility added
A search facility has been added to the site. It is limited but works well enough for a small site (which at the time of writing consits of only one page!)

Thursday 5 December 2002 Release 0.1b
WebWalker version 0.1b has been completed and is ready for download.
This version is the first release and as such may well be full of bugs. Many features have to be worked on, and some have even to be created yet. ie ...
Response Analysing Uses the returned headers to give a pass/fail status rather than the return code
Internal Proxy Grader Creates an open port on the machine and uses it to grade a list of proxys without ProxyJudge
Any useful feedback would be greatly appreciated. Contact details are given within the program and on the website.

Website update for Screenshot, Help and About sections.
Friday 4 July 2003
BETA 0.2 released
Friday 4 July 2003
Website search facility bugs fixed, [highlight] button added, and ordered results implimented.
Sunday 22 December 2002
New BETA update released
Saturday 21 December 2002
WebWalker to be redesigned to use plugins
Friday 20 December 2002
Page updated to comply with XHTML 1.1
Tuesday 17 December 2002
Page updated to comply with XHTML 1.0 Strict
Monday 16 December 2002
Search facility added to website
Monday 9 December 2002
First BETA release ready for download.
Thursday 5 December 2002